MCOA Expands Footprint in California's Growing Cannabis Market


MCOA acquired VBF Brands, Inc. in October 2021 and is a fully multi-licensed cannabis cultivator and distributor based in Salinas, California that and for the past two years has been utilizing its proprietary growing systems to produce desirable cannabis clones that are certified clean, and designed to assist growers in reducing crop uncertainty and enhancing the likelihood of successful cultivation harvests. 

VBF brands have a strong reputation with its existing customer base for high-quality clones and its unique use of its growing space. 

The Company employs multi-tiered vertical growing which exponentially increases the square footage of its Salinas, California facility. VBF Brands, Inc., provides greater efficiency and sustainable cultivation techniques to provide growers with access to locally grown, high-quality clones to grow cannabis flower. Clones are cultivated in an expedient manner and sold for use to other cannabis flower growers that no longer have to wait six months to cultivate and sell.

MCOA expects to work immediately towards increasing production at the current Salinas facility that also offers exponential growth potential with other nearby properties that MCOA has an option to participate in as part of the acquisition.