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Marijuana Company of America (OTC: MCOA) operates, invests, and acquires companies exclusively in the cannabis sector. The Company is a multi-state (licensed) operator and the parent company in the cultivation, distribution, and international consumer product sectors.

MCOA owns and operates a diversified business portfolio positioned across various cannabis segments including:

CULTIVATION: Cannabis nursery cultivation facility in California that is a successful cultivator and distributor utilizing its own proprietary growing systems to produce highly desirable cannabis clones.

NATIONWIDE DISTRIBUTION: One of the THC, Hemp & CBD cannabis industries fastest growing distribution companies selling MCOA products and hundreds of award-winning consumer brands.

INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Wholly-owned Premium CBD company hempsmart™ USA, Brazil, and Uruguay.

STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS: MCOA also continues to make forward-thinking investments with ownership positions in several strategic private and publicly held cannabis companies

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