Within an unprecedentedly short amount of time, the cannabis industry has vaulted away from its marginalized and criminalized past, into a place of global acceptance. As market awareness and consumer interest in cannabis continues to grow, a race has emerged in the market to profit on the buzz and excitement surrounding the real benefits and marketability of cannabis. During this time of extreme and rapid growth, the Marijuana Company of America, Inc. (OTC: MCOA) has strategically placed itself as one of the leaders in providing turn-key services to the Legal Cannabis & Hemp Industry.

Led by Donald Steinberg, a veteran of the cannabis and industrial hemp industries, Marijuana Company of America Inc. is an established, publicly traded company, which has continued to satisfy customers and investors since its launch in 2015. Marijuana Company of America offers investors the opportunity to be on the forefront of innovation in the legal cannabis and industrial hemp industries. We strive to develop a comprehensive selection of synergistic companies that provide consistent value to our shareholders. Furthermore, our vertically integrated business model provides our companies and partners with the best opportunities for rapid growth. It is our attention to detail in producing premium products and adhering to the best business practices that distinguishes MCOA among the leaders of Cannabis products in the Global marketplace.

Our Objective

Our goal is to become an international leader in the cannabis industry. Our company seeks to contribute to the cannabis industry as a vertically integrated acquisition company. We are committed to establishing ourselves as the premier source of quality cannabis products, processes, distribution, and development through creating a stable and profitable platform that can launch and support a variety of portfolio companies that participate in this burgeoning industry.

Looking Ahead

As MCOA embarks on its 4th year, we believe the times have changed. As we begin the second decade of the 21st century, legislators, investors, and consumers are discovering that Cannabis based products is the future for medicinal health.

We are pleased to partner ourselves with joint ventures, and a powerful consortium of companies who share our vision in promoting confidence in the investor and satisfaction in the consumer.

We are proud to be in the right business, at the right time, with the right expertise to take this company to the next level. We believe that Cannabis has arrived on the market and is here to stay – we have taken a long-range view that embraces the cornucopia of opportunities that characterizes a frontier market in order to establish ourselves within the cannabis and hemp industry. We are proud to be publicly traded on OTC Markets, fully reporting under the symbol MCOA.

A World-class Leadership Team

In order to provide the lowest price point to consumers and the highest margins to investors, we have structured our company with an emphasis on leadership. The founders of MCOA are pioneers in the cannabis industry dating back to 2009 when CEO Donald Steinberg founded Medical Marijuana, Inc., the first marijuana company to trade on a U.S. stock market.