Natural Plant Extracts (NPE)

Marijuana Company of America announces a new joint venture with Natural Plant Extract of California (NPE) and its subsidiary Northern Lights Distribution (NLD). Natural Plant Extract leverages decades of experience in logistics and international trade in order to provide services that are consistently in high demand. The experience of the team at Natural Plant Extracts provides the expertise for securing of the finest cannabis crops. NPE’s experience and expertise, together with pharmaceutical-grade processing produces high demand products and brands. The proficiency of NPE’s business practices is evident, and the construction of a new state of the art facility in the greater Los Angeles area will ensure success.

“Our partners are vital to our success. We are solely a B2B company and supply companies in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Natural Plant Extract was founded due to the lack of options available to loved ones. Giving back to the community is a HUGE part of what Natural Plant Extract stands for.”