Cannabis Global, Inc.

Cannabis Global, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based company trading under the stock symbol CBGL. The company is an emerging force in the cannabis marketplace with a growing product and proprietary intellectual property portfolio. CBGL is marketing and producing Comply Bag™, an innovative solution for cannabis storage, transport, and tracking. It also is the developer and marketer of the Hemp You Can Feel™ brand, and the corporation's subsidiary, Natural Plant Extract, is a Southern California licensed cannabis manufacturer and distributor which licenses the Company’s technologies to produce edibles for the cannabis marketplace. Cannabis Global has filed three non-provisional and multiple provisional patents for cannabis infusion and nanoparticle technologies and continues an active research & development program.

CBGL is strategically aligned with MCOA as its largest shareholder. The two companies share the same core values pertaining to producing the highest quality products for customers as well as being leaders in the cannabis sector. Cannabis Global has focused more on the science of cannabis as evidenced by all of the IP and innovative R&D, whereas MCOA is more focused on establishing its hempsmart™ brand. MCOA has been able to leverage CBGL’s scientific approach to develop new product lines as well as establish its own manufacturing facility at Natural Plant Extracts of California, to eventually help source its own products and, in so doing, increase quality and decrease costs.