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Subsequent Events (Narrative) (Details)

Subsequent Events (Narrative) (Details) - Subsequent Event [Member]
Feb. 03, 2020
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The Original Material Definitive Agreement With Natural Plant Extract Of California, Inc[Member]  
Subsequent Event [Line Items]  
Agreement description Pursuant to the original material definitive agreement, we agreed to acquire twenty percent (equal to 200,000) of NPE’s authorized shares in exchange for our payment of $2,000,000 and $1,000,000 worth of our restricted common stock. We agreed to form a joint venture with NPE incorporated in California under the name “Viva Buds, Inc.” (“Viva Buds”) for the purpose of operating a California licensed cannabis distribution business pursuant to California law legalizing THC psychoactive cannabis for recreational and medicinal use. Our payment obligations were governed by a stock purchase agreement which required us to make the following payments: a. Deposit of $350,000 within 5 days of the execution of the material definitive agreement; b. Deposit of $250,000 payable within 30 days; c. Deposit of $400,000 within 60 days; d. Deposit of $500,000 within 75 days; e. Deposit of $500,000 within 90 days We made our initial payment pursuant to this schedule, but otherwise failed to comply with the payment schedule and we were in breach of contract.
Settlement And Release Of All Claims Agreement With Natural Plant Extract Of California, Inc[Member]  
Subsequent Event [Line Items]  
Agreement description On February 3, 2020, the Company and NPE entered into a settlement and release of all claims agreement. In exchange for a complete release of all claims, the Company and NPE (1) agreed to reduce our interest in NPE from 20% to 5%; (2) we agreed to pay NPE a total of $85,000 as follows: $35,000 concurrent with the execution of the Settlement and Release of All Claims Agreement, and $25,000 no later than the 5th calendar day for each of the two months following execution of Settlement and Release of All Claims Agreement; and, (3) to retire the balance of our original valuation obligation from the material definitive agreement, representing a shortfall of $56,085.15, in a convertible promissory note, with terms allowing NPE to convert the note into common stock of MCOA at a 50% discount to the closing price of MCOA’s common stock as of the maturity date.
Settlement agreement amount $ 75,000
NPE Payment description On February 3, 2020, we executed a convertible promissory note in the amount of $56,085.15 to NPE. Additionally, as a result of our settlement agreement with NPE, we became liable to pay NPE our 5% portion equal to $25,902 of the regulatory charges to the City of Lynwood and the State of California to transfer the cannabis licenses back to NPE. To date, we have not paid this amount and it is due and owing. As of the date of this filing, there is no pending legal action by NPE against us for these matters.