Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2018
Investments, All Other Investments [Abstract]  





On March 13, 2017, the Company entered into a stock purchase agreement to acquire up to 15,000,000 common shares of MoneyTrac Technology, Inc., a corporation organized and operating under the laws of the state of California, for a total purchase price of $250,000 representing approximately 15% ownership at the time of the agreement. As of December 31, 2017, the Company had acquired 15,000,000 common shares for $250,000 representing approximately 15% ownership. In connection with the investment, Donald Steinberg, the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer and Director, was appointed as a board member to MoneyTrac.


The Company accounts for its investment in MoneyTrac Technology, Inc. at estimated market fair value using the market price for the publicly traded shares under the ticker symbol “GOHE” as listed on OTC Markets as an indicator of fair market value. As of December 31, 2018, the balance of this investment was $810,000 and was classified as a short-term investment for the period ended December 31, 2018.




On June 16, 2017, the Company entered into a Loan Agreement (“Agreement”) with Conveniant Hemp Mart, LLC (“Benihemp”), a limited liability company formed and operating under the laws of the State of Wyoming. Pursuant to the Agreement, Benihemp executed a promissory note for a principal loan amount of $50,000, accruing interest at the rate of 4% per annum and payable in one year, subject to one-time six- month repayment extension. The Agreement also provided that the Company shall have the option to waive repayment of the note and pay Benihemp an additional $50,000 payment in exchange for a 25% membership interest in Benihemp’s limited liability company. As of December 31, 2018, the balance of this investment reported on the balance sheet for the year ended December 31, 2018 was $0.00 as a result of the investment being deemed fully impaired.


Global Hemp Group Joint Ventures


We currently have two ongoing joint ventures with Global Hemp Group, Inc., a Canadian corporation. Each is a related party transaction in that Global Hemp Group’s director, Charles Larsen, is a beneficial owner of more than 10% of our common stock, and a former director of the Company. Further, our President and Chief Executive Officer Donald Steinberg is a shareholder in Global Hemp Group. The two Global Hemp Group joint ventures are discussed together due to the common ownership of the joint venture partners in each project, and the fact that both joint ventures share a common purpose of growing, cultivating and performing research and development of industrial hemp.


New Brunswick Canada


Global Hemp Group New Brunswick Joint Venture


On August 31, 2017, we entered into a joint venture with Global Hemp Group Inc., in a multi-phase industrial hemp project on the Acadian peninsula of New Brunswick, Canada. The joint venture’s goal is to develop a “Hemp Agro-Industrial Zone,” a concept that promotes and engages farmers, processors and manufacturers to collaboratively produce and process 100% of the hemp plant into a number of wholesale materials that can be manufactured into healthy and sustainable products. The “HAIZ” will be surrounded by hemp production thereby minimizing the cost of expensive transportation to distant processing facilities. The “Hemp Agro-Industrial Zone” has a goal of producing social and environmental benefits to the communities where they operate. These zones are envisioned to prospectively create jobs for farmers, foster rural development, provide the opportunity to develop more sustainable products of superior quality and help support Global Hemp Group’s commitment to creating a carbon free economy. The first phase of the project involved lab testing in support of the trials. The Collège Communautaire du Nouveau Brunswick (CCNB) in Bathurst, New Brunswick (“CCNB”) intends to assist Global Hemp Group in research on its ongoing industrial hemp trials in the region, and to perform laboratory tests in support of these trials. These tests will provide information to validate agronomic and key yield data in preparation of a large-scale industrial development project that will involve processing of the full plant: grain, straw, flowers and leaves. The results of these tests will also be used in discussions with farmers of the region to refine a hemp-based farming model, and to mobilize additional farmers for the next growing season. Our participation included providing one-half, or $10,775 of the funding for the phase one work. On January 10, 2018, phase-one was completed by successfully cultivating industrial hemp during the 2017 growing season for research purposes. The objective of phase one was to re-introduce hemp into the area, and ensure that it could be productive under New Brunswick growing conditions prior to significantly increasing cultivation acreage and building a hemp processing facility in the region, in future phases of the project. As a result of our participation in the joint venture, we will share in the ownership of research and development of hemp and CBD related studies produced by the New Brunswick Project, and, in the event Canadian laws governing the growing, harvesting, manufacturing and production of products containing hemp and CBD change (as expected, but not guaranteed), we would benefit from possible preferred pricing and terms for the purchase of hemp and CBD that would enable us to further conduct its business and research and development into hemp and CBD products.

The Company’s costs incurred by the Company’s interest was $10,775 and $0 for the years ended December 31, 2018 and 2017 and was recorded as other income/expense in the Company’s Statement of Operations in the appropriate periods. As of December 31, 2018, the balance of the New Brunswick JV investment reported on the balance sheet for the year ended December 31, 2018 was $0.00 as a result of the investment being deemed fully impaired. (See Item 1, Business; Principal Products and their Markets; Joint Ventures and Investments).


Global Hemp Group JV – Scio Oregon

Global Hemp Group Joint Venture/Scio Oregon Hemp Project; On May 8, 2018, the Company, Global Hemp Group, Inc., a Canadian corporation, and TTO Enterprises, Ltd., an Oregon corporation entered into a Joint Venture Agreement. The purpose of the joint venture is to develop a project to commercialize the cultivation of industrial hemp on a 109 acre parcel of real property owned by the Company and Global Hemp Group in Scio, Oregon, and operating under the Oregon corporation Covered Bridges, Ltd. The joint venture is in the development stage. On May 30, 2018, the joint venture purchased TTO’s 15% interest in the joint venture for $30,000.

The Company and Global Hemp Group, Inc. now have an equal 50-50 interest in the joint venture. The joint venture agreement commits the Company to a cash contribution of $600,000 payable on the following funding schedule: $200,000 upon execution of the joint venture agreement; $238,780 by July 31, 2018; $126,445 by October 31, 2018; and, $34,775 by January 31, 2019. The Company has complied with its payments on schedule.


As of December 31, 2018, the combined balance of the Covered Bridge (SCIO) investment and related 41389 Farm investment was $408,077 and was classified as a long-term investment for the period ended December 31, 2018. The debt obligation related to this JV was reported as Debt obligation of Joint venture liability with a balance of $289,742 for the year ended December 31, 2018.


Bougainville Ventures, Inc. Joint Venture


On March 16, 2017, we entered into a joint venture agreement with Bougainville Ventures, Inc., a Canadian corporation. The purpose of the joint venture was for the Company and Bougainville to jointly engage in the development and promotion of products in the legalized cannabis industry in Washington State; (ii) utilize Bougainville’s high quality cannabis grow operations in the State of Washington, where it claimed to have an ownership interest in real property for use within the legalized cannabis industry; (iii) leverage Bougainville’s agreement with a I502 Tier 3 license holder to grow cannabis on the site; provide technical and management services and resources including, but not limited to: sales and marketing, agricultural procedures, operations security and monitoring, processing and delivery, branding, capital resources and financial management; and, (iv) optimize collaborative business opportunities. The Company and Bougainville agreed to operate through a Washington State Limited Liability Company, and BV-MCOA Management, LLC was organized in the State of Washington on May 16, 2017.


As our contribution to the joint venture, the Company committed to raise not less than $1 million dollars to fund joint venture operations based upon a funding schedule. The Company also committed to providing branding and systems for the representation of cannabis related products and derivatives comprised of management, marketing and various proprietary methodologies directly tailored to the cannabis industry.


Bougainville represented that it had an ownership interest in real property located in Washington State used for growing cannabis, and possessed information primarily related to the management and control of cannabis grow operations as conducted in Washington State that included research, development and know how in the cannabis industry. Bougainville also represented that it had an agreement with a I502 Tier 3 license holder in Washington State to operate on the land. The Company and Bougainville's agreement provided that funding provided by the Company would go, in part, towards the joint venture’s ultimate purchase of the land consisting of a one-acre parcel located in Okanogan County, Washington, for joint venture operations.


As disclosed on Form 8-K on December 11, 2017, the Company did not comply with the funding schedule for the joint venture. On November 6, 2017, the Company and Bougainville amended the joint venture agreement to reduce the amount of the Company's commitment to $800,000 and also required the Company to issue Bougainville 15 million shares of the Company's restricted common stock. The Company completed its payments pursuant to the amended agreement on November 7, 2017, and on November 9, 2017, issued to Bougainville 15 million shares of restricted common stock. The amended agreement provided that Bougainville would deed the real property to the joint venture within thirty days of its receipt of payment.


Thereafter, the Company determined that Bougainville had no ownership interest in the property in Washington State, but rather was a party to a purchase agreement for real property that was in breach for non-payment. Bougainville also did not possess an agreement with a Tier 3 I502 license holder to grow Marijuana on the property. Nonetheless, as a result of funding arranged for by the Company, Bougainville and an unrelated third party, Green Ventures Capital Corp., purchased the land. The land is currently pending the payment of delinquent property taxes that would allow for the Okanogan County Assessor to sub-divide the property, so that the appropriate portion could be deeded to the joint venture. Although Bougainville represented it would pay the delinquent taxes, it has not. To date, the property has not been deeded to the joint venture.


To clarify the respective contributions and roles of the parties, the Company also offered to enter into good faith negotiations to revise and restate the joint venture agreement with Bougainville. The Company diligently attempted to communicate with Bougainville in good faith to accomplish a revised and restated joint venture agreement, and efforts towards satisfying the conditions to complete the subdivision of the land by the Okanogan County Assessor. However, Bougainville failed to cooperate or communicate with the Company in good faith, and failed to pay the delinquent taxes on the real property that would allow for sub-division and the deeding of the real property to the joint venture.


On August 10, 2018, the Company advised its independent auditor that Bougainville did not cooperate or communicate with the Company regarding its requests for information concerning the audit of Bougainville’s receipt and expenditures of funds contributed by the Company in the joint venture agreement. Bougainville had a material obligation to do so under the joint venture agreement. The Company believes that some of the funds it paid to Bougainville were misappropriated and that there was self-dealing with respect to those funds. Additionally, the Company believes that Bougainville misrepresented material facts in the joint venture agreement, as amended, including, but not limited to, Bougainville’s representations that: (i) it had an ownership interest in real property that was to be deeded to the joint venture; (ii) it had an agreement with a Tier 3 # I502 cannabis license holder to grow cannabis on the real property; and, (iii) that clear title to the real property associated with the Tier 3 # I502 license would be deeded to the joint venture thirty days after the Company made its final funding contribution. As a result, on September 20, 2018, the Company filed suit against Bougainville Ventures, Inc., BV-MCOA Management, LLC, Andy Jagpal, Richard Cindric, et al. in Okanogan County Washington Superior Court, case number 18-2- 0045324. The Company’s complaint seeks legal and equitable relief for breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, conversion, recession of the joint venture agreement, an accounting, quiet title to real property in the name of the Company, for the appointment of a receiver, the return to treasury of 15 million shares issued to Bougainville, and, for treble damages pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act in Washington State. The registrant has filed a lis pendens on the real property. The case is currently in litigation.


In connection with the agreement, the Company recorded a cash investment of $1,188,500 to the Joint Venture during 2017. This was comprised of 49.5% ownership of BV-MCOA Management LLC, and was accounted for using the equity method of accounting. The Company recorded an annual impairment in 2017 of $792,500, reflecting the Company’s percentage of ownership of the net book value of the investment. During 2018, the Company recorded equity losses of $37,673 and $11,043 for the first and second quarters respectively, and recorded an annual impairment of $285,986 for the year ended December 31, 2018, at which time the Company determined the investment to be fully impaired due to Bougainville’s breach of contract, including: (i) its failure to communicate and cooperate regarding the Company’s audit; (ii) its misrepresentations concerning its ownership interest in the real property in Okanogan County Washington; (iii) its failure to deed the property to the joint venture within thirty days of payment pursuant to the amended joint venture agreement; and, (iv) its misrepresentation that it possessed an agreement with a Tier 3 license holder to operate on the property.


GateC Joint Venture


On March 17, 2017, the Company and GateC Research, Inc. (“GateC”) entered into a Joint Venture Agreement (“Agreement”) whereby the Company committed to raise up to one and one-half million dollars ($1,500,000) over a six-month period, with a minimum commitment of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) within a three (3) month period; and, information establishing brands and systems for the representation of cannabis related products and derivatives comprised of management, marketing and various proprietary methodologies, including but not limited to its affiliate marketing program, directly tailored to the cannabis industry.


GateC agreed to contribute its management and control services and systems related to cannabis grow operations in Adelanto County, California, and its permit to grow marijuana in an approved zone in Adelanto, California. GateC did not own a physical site for its operation in Adelanto County, California, and GateC’s permit to grow cannabis did not contain a conditional use permit.


On or about November 28, 2017, GateC and the Registrant orally agreed to suspend the Company’s funding commitment, pending the finalization of California State regulations governing the growth, cultivation and distribution of cannabis, which were expected to be completed in 2018.


On March 19, 2018, the Company and GateC rescinded the Agreement and concurrently released each other from any all any and all losses, claims, debts, liabilities, demands, obligations, promises, acts, omissions, agreements, costs and expenses, damages, injuries, suits, actions and causes of action, of whatever kind or nature, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, contingent or fixed, that they may have against each other and their Affiliates, arising out of the Agreement.


The Registrant incurred no termination penalties as the result of its entry into the Recession and Mutual Release Agreement.


In 2017, the Company recorded a debt obligation of $1,500,000 to the Joint Venture and a corresponding impairment charge of $1,500,000 during for year ended December 31, 2017. Upon termination of the material definitive agreement on March 19, 2018, the Company realized a gain on settlement of debt obligation of $1,500,000 during the six months ended June 30, 2018.


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The following table indicates the amount of impairments recorded by the Company quarter to quarter for investment activity quarter to quarter related to its joint venture investments:



    TOTAL   Hemp           Bougainville   Gate C        
    INVESTMENTS   Group   Benihemp   MoneyTrac   Ventures, Inc.   Research Inc.   Short-Term
Beginning balance @12-31-16   $ 0     $ 0     $ 0     $ 0     $ 0     $ 0     $ 0     $ 0  
Investments made during 2017     3,049,275       10,775       100,000       250,000       1,188,500       1,500,000       0       0  
Quarter 03-31-17 equity method Loss     0                                               0          
Quarter 06-30-17 equity method     0                                               0          
Quarter 09-30-17 equity method     (375,000 )                             (375,000             0          
Quarter 12-31-17 equity method Loss     313,702                               313,702               0          
Impairment of Investment in 2017     (2,292,500 )     0                       (792,500 )     (1,500,000 )     0       0  
Balances as of 12/31/17     695,477       10,775       100,000       250,000       334,702       0       0       0  
Investments made during 2018     986,654       986,654                                       0          
Quarter 03-31-18 equity method Loss     (37,673 )                             (37,673 )             0          
Quarter 06-30-18 equity method Loss     (11,043 )                             (11,043 )             0          
Quarter 09-30-18 equity method Loss     (10,422 )             (10,422 )                             0          
Quarter 12-31-18 equity method Loss     (31,721 )     (31,721 )     0                               0          
Moneytrac investment reclassified to Short-Term investments     (250,000 )                     (250,000 )                     250,000       250,000  
Unrealized gains on trading securities - 2018     0                                               560,000       560,000  
Impairment of investment in 2018     (933,195 )     (557,631 )     (89,578 )             (285,986 )             0          
Balance @12-31-18   $ 408,077     $ 408,077     $ 0     $ 0     $ 0     $ 0     $ 810,000     $ 810,000  


The following table indicates the amount of debt the Company recorded quarter to quarter as a result of its joint venture investments:


Loan Payable  
      TOTAL       Global                       Bougainville       Gate C   General  
      JV Debt      



      Benihemp       MoneyTrac       Ventues, Inc.       Research Inc.      



Beginning balance @12-31-16   $ 0     $ 0     $ 0     $ 0     $ 0     $ 0     $ 0  
Quarter 03-31-17 loan borrowings     1,500,000                                       1,500,000          
Quarter 06-30-17 loan activity                                                        
Quarter 09-30-17 loan borrowings     725,000                               725,000                  
Quarter 12-31-17 loan repayments     (330,445 )                             (330,445 )                
General operational expense     172,856                                               172,856  
Balances as of 12/31/17 (a)     2,067,411       0       0       0       394,555       1,500,000       172,856  
Quarter 03-31-18 loan borrowings (payments)     376,472       447,430                                       (70,958 )
Quarter 06-30-18 cancellation of JV debt obligation     (1,500,000 )                                     (1,500,000 )        
Quarter 06-30-18 loan repayments     (101,898 )                                             (101,898 )
Quarter 09-30-18 loan activity     0                                                  
Quarter 12-31-18 loan borrowings     580,425       580,425                                          
Balance @12-31-18   (b)   $ 1,422,410     $ 1,027,855     $ 0     $ 0     $ 394,555     $ 0     $ 0  
Quarter 03-31-19 loan borrowings     649,575       649,575                                          
Quarter 03-31-19 debt conversion to equity     (407,192 )   ($ 407,192 )                                        
Balance @03-31-19   $ 1,664,793     $ 1,270,238     $ 0     $ 0     $ 394,555     $ 0     $ 0  



    03-31-19   12-31-18   12-31-17
This includes balances for:   Note (c)   Note (b)   Note (a)
      - Debt obligation of JV     128,522       289,742       1,500,000  
      - Convertible NP, net of discount     1,536,271       1,132,668       394,555  
      - Longterm debt     0       0       172,856  
Total Debt balance     1,664,793       1,422,410       2,067,411