Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Convertible Notes Payable (Narrative) (Details3)

Convertible Notes Payable (Narrative) (Details3) - USD ($)
12 Months Ended
Dec. 23, 2019
Dec. 31, 2019
Dec. 31, 2018
Dec. 30, 2018
Short-term Debt [Line Items]        
Debt discount   $ 716,648 $ 896,180  
Convertible notes payable   4,002,528 2,028,849  
Gain (loss) on change in fair value of derivative liabilities   (2,123,570) 1,443,249  
Amortization of debt discount   2,906,843  
Convertible Promissory Notes - December 23, 2019, Robert L. Hymers III [Member]        
Short-term Debt [Line Items]        
Convertible promissory note face value $ 96,553      
Convertible promissory note interest rate 10.00%      
Convertible promissory note due date description The promissory notes is due six months from the respective issuance date      
Convertible promissory note conversion terms All payments due hereunder (to the extent not converted into common stock, $0.001 par value per share (the “Common Stock”) in accordance with the terms of this agreement and shall be made in lawful money of the United States of America. All payments shall be made at such address as the Holder shall hereafter give to the Company by written notice made in accordance with the provisions of this Note. Whenever any amount expressed to be due by the terms of this Note is due on any day which is not a business day, the same shall instead be due on the next succeeding day which is a business day and, in the case of any interest payment date which is not the date on which this Note is paid in full, the extension of the due date thereof shall not be taken into account for purposes of determining the amount of interest due on such date.      
Debt discount $ 92,332      
Convertible promissory note payment terms For so long as there remains any amount due hereunder, the Holder shall have the option to convert all or any portion of the unpaid principal amount of this Note, plus accrued interest (together with the unpaid principal amount, the “Converted Amount”), into shares of the Company’s common stock. The conversion price (the “Conversion Price”) shall be equal to a fifty percent (50%) discount to the lowest closing bid of the previous fifteen (15) day trading period, ending on the business day before a Notice of Conversion is delivered to the Company. The number of shares of Common Stock into which the Converted Amount shall be convertible (the “Conversion Shares”) shall be determined by dividing (i) the Converted Amount by (ii) the Conversion Price. A conversion shall be deemed to occur on the date that the Company receives an executed copy of the Conversion Notice.      
Convertible notes payable   96,553    
Accrued interest   212    
Convertible Promissory Notes [Member]        
Short-term Debt [Line Items]        
Gain (loss) on change in fair value of derivative liabilities   (1,406,570) 1,443,249  
Convertible Promissory Notes [Member] | Interest Expense [Member]        
Short-term Debt [Line Items]        
Amortization of debt discount   $ 2,906,843   $ 1,146,549
Debt Derivative [Member]        
Short-term Debt [Line Items]        
Fair value of embedded derivatives     $ 2,256,631  
Fair value of assumption model     Binomial Option Pricing Model  
Dividend yield     0.00%  
Estimated fair value of common stock     $ 0.0203  
Debt Derivative [Member] | Minimum [Member]        
Short-term Debt [Line Items]        
Expected volatility     112.98%  
Weighted average risk-free interest rate     2.44%  
Expected life     30 days  
Debt Derivative [Member] | Maximum [Member]        
Short-term Debt [Line Items]        
Expected volatility     113.09%  
Weighted average risk-free interest rate     2.56%  
Expected life     6 months 18 days