Viva Buds

The genesis of VivaBuds began many years ago during the early days of marijuana distribution.  Back then, it was sold primarily from friends to friends.  Over the years we have watched as marijuana has become more socially acceptable and the distribution model has gone mainstream with marijuana being sold in stores and sometimes delivered like pizza! 

Our founder, Don Steinberg has watched as this industry has matured over the years and in 2009, Don founded Medical Marijuana Inc. It was the first marijuana company ever to be listed on the US stock market.  However, Don was a bit ahead of his time and eventually decided that it was not the right time for marijuana distribution and transitioned out of Medical Marijuana Inc. a few years later.

In 2015, Don founded MCOA: Marijuana Company of America to take a closer look at how and where to enter the marijuana industry legally.  With recent changes in legislation and his eyes on opportunity, he decided now is the time to move forward and fully develop this business. 

Don realized that most of the cost of marijuana is attributed to the large mark-up that dispensaries and delivery systems put in place. The VivaBuds vertical integration business model allows us to go directly from farm to customer without the middleman mark-up, all at a cost savings to the end consumer. At the same time, this distribution method embraces the success of the "Tell a Friend" approach, which allows everyone to earn income from sharing the VivaBuds opportunity with their friends.

To accomplish his goal of creating an integrated supply chain, Don had to first get all of the licenses and relationships in place to be fully compliant. This includes assembling a team of attorneys, accountants, operations and logistics experts, in addition to forming a partnership with Northern Lights Distribution of Lynwood, CA. (Adult use and medical use distribution license:  C11-0000154-LIC) 

As Don says; "The only thing I've ever wanted to do was give people access to premium marijuana at a fair price. If we can all make a little profit out of this business, then we make everyone happy!" We invite you to join us in making his vision a reality.

VivaBuds: Blazing the trail by providing premium cannabis products directly from farm to consumer using a "Tell a Friend" approach.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS approach has been revitalized – VIVA BUDS!