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Marijuana Company of America Transitions From the Development Stage to a Revenue Generating Company
BONSALL, CA--(November 17, 2016) - MARIJUANA COMPANY OF AMERICA INC., ("MCOA" or the "Company") (OTC: MCOA), an innovative canna

Marijuana Company of America Launches Its Inaugural Product hempSMARTTM Brain
HempSmart branded CBD based product called "HempSmart BRAIN," to be launched November 7thFormulated to promote brain healthCombines enhanced memory/c

Marijuana Company of America Q4 2016 Outlook and Update
hempSMART Brain product release imminentOffers brain support and protectionProduct is first-of-its-kindFulfillment center prepared to manage distri

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MCOA is a cannabis-specific company created to deliver all the benefits of cannabis.
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